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Ajman Offshore Company Formation

Ajman Offshore Company Formation was started in 2014 by the Ajman Free Zone Authority. If you choose to setup a company in Ajman Offshore, you have lots of benefits such as tax free with 100% privacy for the offshore companies. According to the cost also, Ajman Offshore Company Formation is provided with the cheapest among in UAE. Here in the UAE, most of the companies are looking for Business Setup in Ajman because of their tax free structure. In order to process the Ajman Offshore Company Registration two of the directors need to be present at the Ajman Free Zone Office with the registered agent. ATBSS is here to help you at this time for Ajman Offshore company formation and all types of business setup in Ajman with efficient and cost effective services.

Ajman Offshore Company

Registering a General Partner Company in UAE by ATBSS

Ajman Offshore Company Setup

Registering a General Partner Company in UAE by ATBSS

Advantages of Ajman Offshore Company Setup :

  • * Ajman Offshore Formation is Globally respected jurisdiction.
  • * Cheapest offshore company formation.
  • * Tax Free for Ajman offshore company.
  • * Easy trade license.
  • * Quick Registration Process.
  • * Need not require office space.
  • * Bank Account Opening.
  • *100% Foreign Ownership For Your Company.

Features of Ajman Offshore

  • Directors:

    Ajman Offshore Company Formation has required a minimum of two directors for Business Setup in Ajman Offshore region. The shareholder in the company can also be one of the directors for the Ajman offshore company.
  • Secretary:

    Need to have a Secretary for assisting the operations of Ajman Offshore Company Formation.
  • Restrictions on Name & Activity:

    The Trade name of the Offshore Company in Ajman ends with Ltd.
  • Local Requirements:

    Need to have a Registered agent for Ajman Offshore Company. The registered agent will assist you in company incorporation in Ajman for business setup services.
  • Timescale:

    The process of the Ajman Offshore Company and the registration process take up to 2 to 4 working days. Shareholder need to sign the documents in the presence of AZFA executives for Ajman Business Setup.
  • Taxation:

    Ajman Company Formation has No Taxes in UAE
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