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Everything You Need to Know About Free Zone Company Formation

Free Zone Company Formation Dubai

Know About Free Zone Company Formation

Free Zone Company Formation Dubai

If you are looking to create a new company in Dubai, The main thing is that to find the best location to establish the business. Free Zone Company Formation will be your reliable business setup options to own 100% ownership for the business. Know the advanced features of free zone business setup services and the visa options. Now the free zone allows the business to add more activity into the same license.

The main thing is about the choosing of business activity and the location of the business to incorporate. Free Zones allow you to do the business in a cost effective way. In-order to start the business in UAE Free Zones, you avail with more opportunities and tax free costs. The main thing is to know more about free zones is that, there are some limitations to do business in that particular free zone only. It allows the entrepreneur to hold 100% ownership in their own company. Free Zone helps you to open the company without any involvement of the local Emirati sponsor with cheaper costs. There is plenty of choice for business startups in free zones for your convenient location, good infrastructure and so on.

The Best Free Zones for Setting Up Company in UAE

In the UAE, there are lots of free zone available for business setup that can bring the investors to check the market and know which options is good for business. Dubai South Free Zone Business Setup is one of the best free zones in UAE to establish their business. This free zone is suitable for the company owners, investors and foreign companies by the reliable and hassle free support. This free zone, gives you flexible options to start the business with an easy access to everyone. It is located at Al Maktoum International Airport.

If you are interested for free zone company formation and want more information? Touch with ATBSS specialist today! write your requirement through email : or call us at +971 42434557.


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How to Open a Restaurant Business in Dubai?

How to Open a Restaurant Business in Dubai

Here in UAE & Middle East, the most trending business is the Restaurant business which growing tremendously especially in Dubai. The food business is the Major sector, which attracts to the heart of Dubai for the taste of cuisines.
There are lots of tourists comes to Opening a Restaurant in  Dubai to experience the finest cuisines and share their moments with their families and friends.  Read More

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Newly Announced Rules for UAE Visa

Newly Announced Rules for UAE Visa

Here is a good news for investors who are wish to come in to the United Arab Emirates before Dubai Expo 2020. Nowadays it is a huge opportunities for the all the business people, residents or tourists to get the UAE Visa is easy. If anyone is looking for Business Setup in Dubai, it’s a good time for them to avail this opportunity to go ahead with the business ideas.

Newly Announced Rules for UAE Visa

Major Rules Taken by UAE Cabinet

  1. The UAE Cabinet is decided to announced the major changes for the UAE visa that Its not a mandatory for the bank guarantee. And also they announced and updated the cost of the medical insurance services.
  2. UAE government is adopted new visa procedures for visitors, family, residents and also for the overstayed people.
  3. Transit passengers has given an exemption from entry fees for the 48 hours of time.  They can extend up to 96 hours for a fees of 50 dirhams.
  4. Overstayed people can leave the country without “no entry” stamp on their passport.
  5. Now in UAE, 6 months visa is introduced for the who overstayed and wish to work in the country.
  6. New law for UAE visa grants the permission to leave the country if someone entered the UAE illegal by using a valid return  ticket.
  7. People in the UAE able to adjust or renew the visa without leaving the country and re enter the country.
  8. Another thing is that the UAE Cabinet gives the people to give equal access to the job market.

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Open Your Free Zone Company With Us

Free Zone Company Formation

Over the last few years, thousands of business firms from all over the world have chosen to set up their business in the Dubai Free Zones. A free zone can be defined as a type of designated area located within a country where businesses are required to pay minimal or zero taxes so that they may contribute to enhance economic activities in the region. Trade specific Free Zones are permitted to handle, receive, process, manufacture and re-export different types of goods without any intervention of the customs authorities. The Free Zones are meant to encourage and promote foreign investment. These Free Zones offer 100% ownership to the expatriates as well as present with numerous business incentives that are aimed at effectively streamlining smart business practices for all companies that are based within a free zone. The Free Zones in UAE may be either industry specific or manage their activities by remaining attached to some port.

Free Zone Company Formation
Setup Your Dream Business in Dubai Free Zone

Therefore it is no doubt that opening a free zone can be a great way to expand your business. So once you have decided that you are going to launch a company in any of the free zones of Dubai, you need to get in touch with a Free Zone Company Formation Dubai service provider that can offer step by step guidance to you for making sure that the whole process is managed in a flawless manner. These professionals regularly work with companies from all parts of the globe looking to enhance their fortunes in the UAE market. By choosing efficient business setup in Dubai, you not only have access to all the paperwork you need but can also avail reliable guidance that you need when you are looking to do business in UAE.

Starting a business in UAE can be one of the best decisions that you can ever take in your career. If you are looking for the business setup services that money can buy, you must get in touch with us as we can help you to settle down in the business scene of Dubai. Our comprehensive services can perfectly take care of all your free zone company setup requirements.  

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A Complete Guide For Business Setup in Dubai

Dubai Business Setup Consultant


  • Fast set up just within a span of 2 Days
  • No hidden costs
  • Office space for rent
  • Reliable local sponsorship
  • Free comprehensive consultation
  • Set up services for Free Zone, Offshore and Mainland (LLC)

About us

All Time Business Setup Services is a leading provider of professional business formation services in UAE. Based in Dubai, we present with top notch company registration and formation and PRO Services Dubai that are available at the most affordable prices. Having more than 10 years of experience as a professional firm offering company formation expertise, we are thoroughly familiar with the various challenges that might come up in this industry.

No matter the type of company you are looking to set up, we can provide you with comprehensive support that can make your company formation a lot easier. So if you are thinking of starting a new business enterprise in UAE, we can make sure that the task is managed in a completely hassle free manner. Our customer-centric approach can definitely cover all your needs when you are looking for business setup in Dubai and help you to settle down in the UAE business scene as quick as possible.

Here are some of the benefits of Dubai company formation:

  • Trading hub
  • Tax free jurisdiction
  • Free enterprise system
  • Advanced telecommunication systems
  • Well developed transportation infrastructure
  • Inexpensive workforce along with easy recruitment procedures
  • High quality residential accommodation options and office spaces
  • Some of the best international venues for holding exhibitions and conference

Our Services

  • Business Set Up
  • Local Sponsorship
  • PRO Services 
  • UAE Office Space
  • Mainland Company Formation

Here at Dubai, the infrastructure and other critical services have always met the highest standards of excellence. This has in turn facilitated efficiency and quality when it comes to business setup. With Mainland Company Formation services, you can make sure that your business is all set to have direct access to local market. By choosing business setup in Dubai, you can also operate your business from any region in UAE.

Free Zone Company Formation

With a Free Zone business firm, you can own 100% of your company and eradicate the need of having an agent or sponsor to manage your venture. Here at All Time Business Setup Services, we offer services for all the 46 Free zones. Our attractive business plans can help investors who are looking to set up businesses in UAE.

Offshore Company Formation

If you are not looking to conduct your business actually in UAE but still want to have UAE address for your business, then you should definitely opt for offshore company formation. We at All Time Business Setup Services can offer you offshore company setup services for all local offshore zones in UAE.

Our Steps 

  • Get in touch with us for free consultation
  • Select Your Type
  • Get License Notification
  • Visa processing and stamping
UAE Office Space

When you are looking to set up an office in Dubai, you will need an office space for rent in any of the business districts of Dubai, such as Business Bay, Dubai Media City, Dubai International Financial Centre, Downtown Dubai and Dubai Internet City. Apart from offering you Shared Office Space Dubai and also the property for rent in Dubai, our experts can also assist you in finding office space in the other emirates like Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Ras al Khaimah, Sharjah and Fujairah.

Here are some of the distinct aspects of our office space renting services:
  • No hidden costs
  • Quarterly payments
  • Wi-Fi enabled offices with 24/7 IT support
  • Security systems with fire alarms and CCTV cameras
  • Best prices guaranteed with only minimal security deposit
  • Fully-equipped office spaces with ready-to- move features
  • Choice of perfectly serviced office spaces for catering to your budget and size

So consult us today for the best in Dubai business setup services. Call us on our Landline +971 42434557 Or Email us your inquiry at


PRO Services

Complete PRO Solutions for Companies in UAE

PRO Services Company Dubai

PRO Services Dubai


Business Setup in Dubai have to deal with the UAE government agencies all the time for renewing their licenses, applying for employee visas, legal translation services, investor visa processing and other requirements. Unless you are well aware of how these processes work, they can really take a lot of time to get completed. In such cases, the best thing for you to do would be to get in touch with an expert services provider like All Time Business Setup Services who can offer you smart PRO Services Dubai so that you have the necessary peace of mind to manage core tasks pertaining to your business.  

With our support, you do not need to be present the whole time, making sure that everything works properly with your PRO services and paperwork. With us, you get the best PRO services that can be managed even without your presence.  

Why Choose ATBSS for PRO Services Dubai

In order to make sure that you have the right support when you are looking to manage all your licenses, visas and necessary paperwork, you need someone who can take care of all the formalities associated with such procedures. All Time Business Setup Services is a company that has been offering PRO Services Dubai to business owners in Dubai for quite a long time. We have been offering international business firms in UAE with smart company formation solutions, visa approvals as well as other government related tasks and paperwork. In order to manage your legal documents, we have use of effective methods that guarantee high level of accuracy at all times. Our PRO services experts can help you at every step of the way starting from basic inception to completion. We can present you with advanced PRO services that involve complete documents clearing. We always work closely with high officials of the Dubai government and Dubai ministries.

Here at All Time Business Setup Services, we offer you some of the most flexible packages that can help you to manage all your Visa Services Dubai needs in the best possible manner.

  • When you are looking for a reliable partner to cater to your PRO services requirements, we at All Time Business Setup Services can help you with your needs. We maintain complete honesty and transparency at every step of the way so that you can always depend on us for your needs. This makes us the best PRO services provider in UAE.
  • Since we maintain a very high standard of excellence while offering PRO services to our customers, we have achieved a strong market reputation over the years that show commitment to our work.  
  • We not only promise you the results but also make sure that you benefit from our in-depth expertise. Therefore you can always choose us for the best results.

So do not hesitate to get in touch with us when you need PRO services. Our experts will certainly make sure that you get the best value for money.    


PRO Services

Looking For Best PRO Services in Dubai?

Best PRO Services in Dubai

We are Official Registered Agents For All UAE Company Setups. After Signing a PRO Contract with us means, you can save money and time which means increased profits for you! We offer complete solutions for your company, handle all PRO Related works.

ATBSS handles all your processes, so you may focus on your core business and save your time now

Let us help you with cost effective, fast & reliable PRO Services in Dubai. All Time Business Services is giving you with all sorts of benefits for the employee depending upon the organization. It’s not an matter for the size of your business and the number of employees. We provide you the best and exclusive PRO Services in Dubai for small and corporate companies. If you are wish to take our services, don’t worry about labour, immigration, economic and municipality department approvals and licenses.

Complete Solutions For You

Get best prices for all PRO related works
Secure documentation procedures
Fast & TIme Saving
Renewal Updates
100% Transparency: Telephone & Email Updates on Processes.


PRO Services Covered

  • Assistance for Processing, renewal and cancellation of visas
  • Renewal and amendment of trade licences
  • Processing for Emirates ID Card
  • Processing Medical Fitness
  • New/Renew Labour Establishment Card
  • New Investor/Partner Visas
  • New e-signature card
  • Re-stamp residence visa
  • Ejari Registration
  • Cancellation of Work Permit (Individuals on Partner/Father Sponsorship)
  • Memorandums & Certificate Attestation
  • Legal Translation Services

Get your reliable and Fast services from our Business Setup Consultants in Dubai. Call us today at +971 42 43 4557 or Email us at

Local Sponsor

Are You Looking for UAE Local Sponsor?

Local Sponsor Dubai

The biggest challenging task is to start your own business. Now in the United Arab Emirates, you are always welcome for Business Setup in Dubai or establish a branch company over here within a short period of time. To do with your business in the local market, you need a local sponsorship for any kind of business activity. In Mainland The company, while your Emirati person is your silent partner of your company. All the business entrepreneurs starting their business must be owned by 51% of UAE nationals .According to the type of your business, you can decide the possible options for your partnership with your local Emirati partner.


Now in United Arab Emirates, you can be your own business by setting up a company over here and bring your business to greater heights. Your startup makes you a change in your business growth with good infrastructure and getting new opportunities. If you are looking for Mainland Company Formation in UAE, you need to have a local sponsor of starting a business in the local market according to the UAE law. Local sponsorship is mandatory for all the countries who are ready to start the own business in the UAE local market. This condition is only applicable for Mainland Company Formation in Dubai. At ATBSS, we are offering you a local sponsorship for your business establishment in the UAE. As we are a dedicated team with well known idea about the business setup and company formation services, we are happy to serve you with every stage of your business in the future.

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