Local Sponsor

Are You Looking for UAE Local Sponsor?

The biggest challenging task is to start your own business. Now in the United Arab Emirates, you are always welcome for Business Setup in Dubai or establish a branch company over here within a short period of time. To do with your business in the local market, you need a local sponsorship for any kind of business activity. In Mainland The company, while your Emirati person is your silent partner of your company. All the business entrepreneurs starting their business must be owned by 51% of UAE nationals .According to the type of your business, you can decide the possible options for your partnership with your local Emirati partner.


Now in United Arab Emirates, you can be your own business by setting up a company over here and bring your business to greater heights. Your startup makes you a change in your business growth with good infrastructure and getting new opportunities. If you are looking for Mainland Company Formation in UAE, you need to have a local sponsor of starting a business in the local market according to the UAE law. Local sponsorship is mandatory for all the countries who are ready to start the own business in the UAE local market. This condition is only applicable for Mainland Company Formation in Dubai. At ATBSS, we are offering you a local sponsorship for your business establishment in the UAE. As we are a dedicated team with well known idea about the business setup and company formation services, we are happy to serve you with every stage of your business in the future.

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