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Free Zone Business Setup Costs
Free Zone

Costs of setting up a business in Dubai Free Zones

Looking to start your own company in Dubai is not an easy task, which includes numerous factors. Cost is a major concern for each and every entrepreneur who was looking to expand their business venture. Business setup in Dubai and as well in other parts of Emirates in UAE is also having the options for investors to check and compares the costs for setting up a business in other emirates. There will be many questions arises when you are looking to start the procedures for opening new businesses. Here are the questions that investors and entrepreneurs who are looking for making their process easily.

Questions Before Setting up a Business in Dubai Free Zones

  1. How to start my business in Dubai?
  2. Where to set up my new company in UAE?
  3. What is the total cost of setting up the company in Dubai?
  4. Which is the best and affordable business setup options in UAE?
  5. What are the legal formalities for setting up my company in Dubai?
  6. Which jurisdiction is best for business? Free Zone or Mainland?
  7. Do you provide local sponsorship options?
  8. Do you assist also for investor visa and employment visa?

The costs of setting up a business in Dubai free zones is the cheapest options for someone who are looking to start at the initial stage. The UAE Government is flexible with the jurisdiction and provided with numerous free zones for the business startups.  Free Zone Company Formation in Dubai is the most flexible options for expats to do the business without any hassle. Because for the initial stages, the free zone is the better option without renting out the offices. In Mainland LLC, the representative office is mandatory for issuing the license.

Business Setup in Free Zones @ AED 18,500

Free Zone Business Setup Costs

  • Free Zone company set up at most affordable prices
  • The flexible way to start a business in the UAE free zone
  • 100% foreign ownership for expats
  • Flexible options with flexi desk facility
  • Issuing of Establishment Card
  • One Visa Eligibility

Looking for the FreeZone Company Setup in UAE?

ATBSS – One of the Leading Business Setup Consultants in Dubai offering world class consultation to the clients. We will assist you to find the cheapest free zones for your business set up in the UAE. We now setup your free zone company with almost all the business activities such as import-export, eCommerce, software services at the most competitive prices. ATBSS is specialized in company setup services in free zone as well as mainland with a corporate bank account. Business Setup in Dubai free zones is mainly depending upon the activity of the business and the activity group. First, you need to make sure about the activity of the business and which jurisdiction that you want to start the business in UAE.

Here are some of the best free zones in UAE for company setup

1. Dubai Airport Free Zone
2. DMCC Free Zone
3. Dubai Internet City
4. Dubai Knowledge Village
5. Dubai Media City
6. Dubai Silicon Oasis
7. Jebel Ali Free Zone
8. Umm Al Quwain Free Zone
9. Ajman Free Zone
10. Rak Free Zone

Here are the most flexible options for Business Setup in Dubai Free Zones by delivering tax-free structure and affordable costs. ATBSS is your full services business setup consultants delivering you with highly qualified professionals for the services. Get more information about the company setup procedure and costs. Call us +97142434557 or email us your inquiry at info@atbss.org

Top Reasons Why You Should Setup a Business in Dubai
Business Setup

Top Reasons Why You Should Setup a Business in Dubai

Top Reasons Why You Should Setup a Business in Dubai

It is important for yourself in to the business startup, while you are fed up with the employment and job. Do you want to setup your own business in Dubai Mainland or Free zone? Don’t know where to start the business? Here is the answer for you by read this article about business setup in Dubai, which can bring your new ideas and startup information to run your business easily and profitable.

UAE is the one of the top destinations who welcomes the expats to do the business in a hassle free and less tax environment compared to any other countries. Here are some major advantages and benefits of starting a business in Dubai and across UAE. Now it is your second country to start your own venture and many startups for investors from the easy infrastructure from the UAE government.

Legal formalities and licensing in Dubai is more easy for business owners to ready to start the process in a very fast manner. Hiring a Business Setup Consultants in Dubai is more easier for the formalities for setting up a company and licensing services. The most important thing of choosing the location of the business which one is suitable for your business activity. Once you are finalized with the business incorporation, Then ATBSS will provide end to end solutions for any type of business activity that is legally approved by the UAE authority. Mainland Dubai Company Formation is the best option for any expats who wants to do the business in to the UAE local market.  In which you will free to do the business without any restrictions with the trading business in Dubai.

Are you interested to Doing business in Dubai? Contact us for hassle free business setup process and PRO Services Dubai. Call us +971 42 43 4577 or Just drop an email your inquiry at info@atbss.org


Looking for Dedicated PRO Company in Dubai
PRO Services

Are You Looking for Dedicated PRO Services Company Provider in Dubai?

Looking for Dedicated PRO Company in Dubai
Looking for Dedicated PRO Company in Dubai

Hiring a Best PRO Services Company in Dubai is a crucial and difficult task in order to do with visa services. Why PRO Services is required for every organization in the UAE? It’s a tricky question to ask for someone who has out of the UAE. Here, employers will hire the Best PRO Services Company in Dubai in order to proceed with the visa and pro related works.

Are you Looking for Dedicated PRO Services Company in Dubai?

Its a serious question to ask who has lot of employees in the company. To proceed with the visa for every employees is very difficult and it takes too much time too. In this situation, Hiring a Consultant who has offering Best PRO Services in Dubai with has hands on professional in the business setup and licensing services. Quick and Efficient PRO Services will get from our ATBSS Consultant. Our team of expert specialist processing your visa, documents, renewal services and entire operation services by a professional way. For successfully running a business in UAE, you need full support from government authorities and approvals. So its better to hire experienced ATBSS PRO Services provider in Dubai

Benefits of PRO Services for Your Business

  • New Quota Apply
  • Processing of New Visa and Renewal of Visa
  • Employee Visa and Investor visa
  • New labor card and renewal of labor card
  • New and renewal of Establishment Card
  • Changing local sponsor
  • Medical and Emirates Id application

Choose Best PRO Services for your Company in Dubai and UAE

Whenever you are looking for business setup in Dubai, you have to be required to have an efficient PRO Services Experts to handle all the business setup services. The most important thing is that, PRO will look after each and every process related to the visa’s and document clearing services. So now you will get the answer for Looking for Dedicated PRO Company in Dubai. Get in touch with ATBSS for award winning solutions for visa services in Dubai and across UAE.

New Year Is a Good Time To Start Your New Business in Dubai
Business Setup

New Year Is a Good Time To Start Your New Business in Dubai

New Year Is a Good Time To Start Your New Business in DubaiIt’s a new journey in this new year with a good beginning for your business ideas. If you are one of them who wants to open the new company in UAE, Then we can discuss more deeply into it. This New Year 2019 is always giving everyone a positive thing to do better in the whole year and the coming years in the business start up’s and launching new businesses. It’s because of the fast emerging business environment and new markets, clients from all over the world will begin to explore the new markets in UAE. If anybody wants to set up a business in a hassle free manner, then you are in the right hands and we will take care all your needs for business setup and company formation services.

Important Steps For Setting Up A Business in Dubai

  • Get free consultation
  • Payment should be done before the process
  • Submit the documents for the business setup process
  • Issuance of License & Visa

A Good Time To Start Business

Business Setup in Dubai is nowadays is a complex procedure with lots of rules and laws of the government authorities. In this new year 2019, They have done everything favorable to all the investors across the globe. Because of this new year, everyone is choosing UAE for the best upcoming projects and new ventures ahead of Dubai Expo 2020. I personally think its the best time to starting a new business by avail the top benefits from UAE governments. Really, this is a good news for the expats to bring some new ideas for the investment and in order to start a business with you, need to hire a trusted business setup consultants in Dubai for processing all types of business licensing services.

Mainland Company Starts @ AED 30,000

The Mainland or LLC Company is the best option for setting up a company in UAE without any restrictions. ATBSS is one of the leading business setup provider in UAE offers you the best solutions for Dubai Mainland Business Setup at the most affordable prices. In Dubai Mainland, you can start your professional and commercial LLC company with our trusted local sponsorship services and shared offices.

Food Stuff Trading Business in Dubai
Business Setup

Foodstuff Trading Business in Dubai

Facts about to Starting a Foodstuff Trading Business in Dubai

Do you want to start a Foodstuff Trading Business in Dubai, UAE? Know the facts for starting the foodstuff trading in Dubai? What is the main process to start a foodstuff trading business? If you want to get all the solutions and answers, then read the entire article to get the most important steps for starting a food business in UAE. The investors from many GCC countries and other emirates which focusing on the UAE local market for the smooth functioning of Foodstuff trading. Dubai has lot of potential to do the food business such as restaurants, cafeteria and import export of products. However the cost of starting a business is a huge factor for everyone. It depends on the location of the business that you want to start. It may varies accordingly based on the requirements. Dubai Mainland has lots of opportunities that foodstuff trading is performed in anywhere.

Free Zone, It is limited to the B2B companies and trading is allowed within the free zone or within the same country.  The Business Setup in Dubai is now with ATBSS really helps business investors to starting a new businesses in United Arab Emirates. Foodstuff trading business in free zone jurisdiction allows only in that freezone only with affordable and hassle free services.

Guide for Starting a Foodstuff Trading Business in Dubai

ATBSS specialists assists you the best and high quality services with excellence, professional & quick services. The foodstuff trading business is very much competitive in Dubai because of the good hygiene and hospitality. Mainland Company Formation in UAE is giving you complete freedom for trading in to the UAE local market.

Call US For Free Guidance

If you are looking to setting up a food business in Dubai? Then write to us through the email info@atbss.org or Call us today at +971 42 43 4557.

Start Your Business in Dubai Free Zone at AED 35,000
Business Setup

Start Your Business in Dubai Free Zone at AED 35000

Start Your Business in Dubai Free Zone at AED 35,000


UAE’s best and prominent free zones for business setup. Free Zones. It is a Most Favorite Free Zone for clients who wants to do business in commercial and logistics and other similar business options. Business Setup in Dubai can be processed mainly in Free Zone as well as Mainland. In Free Zone, they’re an opportunity to do the business with 100% ownership. But in Mainland or LLC there is an involvement between the shares of the local Emirati sponsor. Most clients their own choice for setting up the company in the Mainland or Free Zone. Depending upon the activity of the business they will choose the right jurisdiction.

Dubai South Free Zone Business Setup is the free zone, which allows the trading and commercial activity with great support. If someone wishes to start their business because of the cost effective packages for business registration. Dubai, South Free Zone or DWC is offering you the cheapest packages for clients starts from 35,000 AED. This package is the most affordable and flexible business setup package for those who are looking for a free zone company setup.

Advantages of Dubai South Free Zone

In Dubai South Free Zone you should avail the best offers for business setup.

  • The Preferred location to start the business to everyone
  • Tax Free environment with good infrastructure
  • Avail the flexi desk facility for the company setup
  • Get 100% ownership & opening bank account
  • Flexible package for any kind of license
  • Add your business activity in to the license

License You Can Start With Dubai South Free Zone

  • Industrial License
  • Logistic License
  • General Trading License
  • Technical Services License
  • Educational License

Get the special offers for business setup in Dubai South Free Zone. ATBSS assist you to start the business with the package of AED 35,000. Contact us for setting up a company in Dubai Free Zones or email us at info@atbss.org

Setting Up a Private Shareholding Company in UAE
Business Setup

Setting Up a Private Shareholding Company in UAE

Setting Up a Private Shareholding Company in UAE

Setting Up a Private Shareholding Company in UAE

Want to setup a business in  Dubai or in any of the emirates in UAE ? Don’t worry there are lots of big opportunities in the UAE. When you are looking to start a private shareholding company formation in Dubai , there should be a minimum of three members. Mainly the private shareholding company cannot invite all the people from the public for the shares. In order to forming a private shareholding company, the minimum capital required is having AED 2 Million. The shares of the company and the directors of the private shareholding company must be an UAE national.

Most of the companies such as banking and financial sectors are in to the public shareholding company. As we are in to the business setup for long years and we are established lot of companies in Mainland as well as Free Zone. Mainland LLC Company is the most prominent and secured jurisdiction for business setup in Dubai or anywhere in the United Arab Emirates. For setting up a big projects or business in Dubai are mainly in to shareholding companies.

Private Shareholding Company Formation in Dubai

Private Shareholding Company Formation is an incorporation type of Mainland which will be perform the trading anywhere in the UAE. We at ATBSS are here to help you to setting up a private shareholding company in UAE. Contact us now for expert solutions for company formation in UAE. Call us on our landline for getting a free consultation for your requirements. +971 42 43 4557

Free Zone Company Formation Dubai
Business Setup

Everything You Need to Know About Free Zone Company Formation

Know About Free Zone Company Formation

Free Zone Company Formation Dubai

If you are looking to create a new company in Dubai, The main thing is that to find the best location to establish the business. Free Zone Company Formation will be your reliable business setup options to own 100% ownership for the business. Know the advanced features of free zone business setup services and the visa options. Now the free zone allows the business to add more activity into the same license.

The main thing is about the choosing of business activity and the location of the business to incorporate. Free Zones allow you to do the business in a cost effective way. In-order to start the business in UAE Free Zones, you avail with more opportunities and tax free costs. The main thing is to know more about free zones is that, there are some limitations to do business in that particular free zone only. It allows the entrepreneur to hold 100% ownership in their own company. Free Zone helps you to open the company without any involvement of the local Emirati sponsor with cheaper costs. There is plenty of choice for business startups in free zones for your convenient location, good infrastructure and so on.

The Best Free Zones for Setting Up Company in UAE

In the UAE, there are lots of free zone available for business setup that can bring the investors to check the market and know which options is good for business. Dubai South Free Zone Business Setup is one of the best free zones in UAE to establish their business. This free zone is suitable for the company owners, investors and foreign companies by the reliable and hassle free support. This free zone, gives you flexible options to start the business with an easy access to everyone. It is located at Al Maktoum International Airport.

If you are interested for free zone company formation and want more information? Touch with ATBSS specialist today! write your requirement through email : info@atbss.org or call us at +971 42434557.


How to Open a Restaurant Business in Dubai
Business Setup

How to Open a Restaurant Business in Dubai?

Here in UAE & Middle East, the most trending business is the Restaurant business which growing tremendously especially in Dubai. The food business is the Major sector, which attracts to the heart of Dubai for the taste of cuisines.
There are lots of tourists comes to Opening a Restaurant in  Dubai to experience the finest cuisines and share their moments with their families and friends.  Read More

Newly Announced Rules for UAE Visa
Business Setup

Newly Announced Rules for UAE Visa

Here is a good news for investors who are wish to come in to the United Arab Emirates before Dubai Expo 2020. Nowadays it is a huge opportunities for the all the business people, residents or tourists to get the UAE Visa is easy. If anyone is looking for Business Setup in Dubai, it’s a good time for them to avail this opportunity to go ahead with the business ideas.

Newly Announced Rules for UAE Visa

Major Rules Taken by UAE Cabinet

  1. The UAE Cabinet is decided to announced the major changes for the UAE visa that Its not a mandatory for the bank guarantee. And also they announced and updated the cost of the medical insurance services.
  2. UAE government is adopted new visa procedures for visitors, family, residents and also for the overstayed people.
  3. Transit passengers has given an exemption from entry fees for the 48 hours of time.  They can extend up to 96 hours for a fees of 50 dirhams.
  4. Overstayed people can leave the country without “no entry” stamp on their passport.
  5. Now in UAE, 6 months visa is introduced for the who overstayed and wish to work in the country.
  6. New law for UAE visa grants the permission to leave the country if someone entered the UAE illegal by using a valid return  ticket.
  7. People in the UAE able to adjust or renew the visa without leaving the country and re enter the country.
  8. Another thing is that the UAE Cabinet gives the people to give equal access to the job market.

If you are looking for a #1 Business Setup Services in Dubai , get in touch with our team of experts and we are giving you comprehensive solution for you. Call us at +97142434557