Company Liquidation in Dubai

Business firms operating in Dubai or any of the other emirates may need to close down its operations at some point of time due to a number of factors. The process in which such a closing down is handled is referred to as company liquidation. Through company Liquidation, a Dubai free zone company, a sole establishment or any LLC company and its branch closes its regular operations and the assets and properties of such a corporate institution is effectively distributed to the shareholders (owners) and creditors of the particular UAE registered company. In many cases, the process of company liquidation is also referred to as dissolution or winding-up. The process of company liquidation in Dubai needs to be managed by a professional service provider skilled at handling all the related legal aspects. This is to make sure that everything is managed in the best possible manner.

All Time Business Setup Services is a highly reputed provider of smart company liquidation services in Dubai that can help to simplify the process and make sure that the whole thing is wrapped up in the shortest possible time. We regularly work with offshore companies, sole establishment companies and limited liability companies operating in Dubai and different parts of UAE to help them with their company liquidation needs. Our experts have the technical proficiency and experience to understand the legal ramifications of company liquidation process and so they can educate our clients on how to manage the whole process step by step so as to achieve effective results. Whether you want to choose Cancellation of Trade License UAE or want someone to manage all other related documents, we can provide you with the best support.

In many cases, liquidation eventually becomes inevitable for a company. This is especially so when a business corporation does not have the liquid funds to manage day to day transactions that are necessary. Such a company may also fail to pay the creditors on a regular basis. In some cases, a company may also be charged with the allegation of committing some major offense for which that UAE regulatory authority is forced to file a legal complaint against that company in that effect. Therefore the liquidation process for a company operating in Dubai, UAE might be either voluntary (shareholders’ liquidation) or compulsory (creditors’ liquidation). It is however important to note that some cases of voluntary liquidations are managed and controlled by creditors.

Whatever might be the specific reasons for which you choose to liquidate your company, you need someone who can help you to manage all legal aspects of the process. At All Time Business Setup Services, we understand you needs when you apply for Cancellation of Trade License UAE or choose to get a cancellation certificate. Our experts have been offering services relating to company liquidation in Dubai for a long time and they can certainly cater to all your needs. We can manage each and every step related to the process of company liquidation and cover all your needs perfectly.