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Everything Made Easy for Starting a Business in Dubai

Want to do a Business in Dubai? Here is an exciting investment opportunity do the business in a United Arab Emirates, one of the favorite business hubs around the world. Expats, investors and companies who wants to set up business in Dubai in a fast growing economy which makes their business more stable.

This is why the UAE government which favor for the expats to allow them to do the business in a flexible options. Business Setup in Dubai is made easy by opting the reliable and the best options based on certain factors and jurisdictions and the rules. Depending upon the incorporation requirements, you can choose the best jurisdictions for your own setup in Dubai and UAE. 

Everything Made Easy for Starting a Business in Dubai


Dubai Mainland is having the numerous benefits for starting a Business in a tax free structure and setup can be done at the most reliable cost. But most of the people confused with the Mainland Jurisdiction which has to given 51% of shares to the local sponsor in to the license. But actually “Local Sponsor” is acting as silent or sleeping partner in to the license which he is not owning any shares or profits.

He will assist the legal documentations and immigration related work for your visa and other procedures. Mostly there are 3 different types of licenses that clients wants to setup such as commercial license, industrial license and professional license. ATBSS which provides you the legal assistance depending upon the nature of the business that clients needs to do the registration in Dubai. Here we explain more details about the steps and requirements for setting up your own company in UAE.

Are You Ready To Setup Business in Dubai?

Seek the advice from the Right firm with proper guidance is important for the first step that you have to do business in Dubai. When you choosing the best business setup consultant, you have to check they will guide you with all the necessary steps for the incorporation. The main thing you have to get a clear idea about your business that you are going to do. This is a major concern for any kind of business startups. There are certain factors which need to clarify before starting with your business. 

Business Activity:
While choosing the desired business activity is a big task for the investors. To check all the possibilities and the scope of the market is important for someone who wants to start a new businesses in the emerging and competitive markets.       

Suitable Location:
Choosing the preferred location is another big task before starting a new business in Dubai. But ATBSS Business Setup Consultant will guide you to choose the best location to start your business based on your needs. Whatever may be your business activity, we will check it and advise for the suitable and convenient location for your startup’s. 

Documents Required:
We will guide you with all the necessary documentation and paperwork required for starting a business in Dubai. Here are the documents required for the setup process;

  • Passport copies of all partners/shareholders
  • Visit Visa/Employment Visa copy & NOC if required
  • Choosing the 3 Trade Names
  • Valid Tenancy Contract & Ejari

Cost for Setup:
When you consider business setup process in Dubai for Mainland, the cost is less comparatively to the free zone incorporation. If you would like to do business in the UAE local market, Mainland Company Formation in Dubai is the best option suggested for any clients who wants to set up in a hassle free cost structure. Now we will offer you with Full setup cost at AED 25,000 for getting the Dubai Mainland license which includes local sponsorship and shared offices.

Trusted Business Consultant:
Start Your Journey With ATBSS is easy for expanding your business in to Dubai. ATBSS is a top solutions provider for business setup for individuals as well as companies to establish their business in Dubai and United Arab Emirates. We would like to hear more from your business setup requirements. For more details, visit our office or reach us on our landline +971 42434557 or WhatsApp your enquiry to +971509730841

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