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How To Setting Up a Company in UAE

How To Setting Up a Company in UAE

Do you want to set up your company in the UAE? No need to worry about how to do it! The process of starting your own company is made easy and hassle free by our experienced business consultants. However, you need to do some important research and steps to follow to set up a successful business in UAE. Consider some of the following steps that you should take into consideration.

How to Set up a Company in UAE

This is the most challenging question that every investor is asking for. So, let’s have a deep understanding of setting up a successful business in Dubai and UAE. The main thing you need to remember is that Dubai is one of the emerging markets for doing businesses. UAE welcomes to do all kinds of business activities which suit the business types. Our professional Business Setup Consultants in Dubai assists with all kinds of business setup and licensing services. Dubai is one of the established business hubs which attracts investors from all over the world. ATBSS is a pioneer business setup firm specializing in company formation services across Dubai and UAE. Moreover providing a wide range of business services such as PRO Services, Local Sponsorship and Shared office options.

Steps to Setup your Company in UAE

Choose a Business

This is the first step towards starting your own company. Choosing a business type which comes under professional, commercial or industrial licenses. When deciding your business, you need to check with your past experience and the business plan that you decided to move forward. The nature of your business determines which jurisdiction is suitable for the business. Mainland and Free Zone are the two legal entities. The Department of Economic Development (DED) opted investors to choose more than 2000+ business activities in UAE. Also there are free zones available with limitations and necessary regulations.

Ownership Type

The ownership type is determined by either depending upon the requirements for the business. If you prefer 100% foreign ownership for your business or either with the shared ownership with the local sponsor.

Trade Name for your Business

Finding a suitable trade name is an important step towards starting a company. Reserve a trade name should be reflecting the nature of your business. As per DED rules, we suggest clients to provide 2, 3 trade names for the approval of the company name. While choosing a trade name, it should be important to add the business activity along with it.

Memorandum of Association

Set up the limited company you have to be clear with the MOA documents which is one of the basic knowledge of your company and the partner details. It also proposes the share capital included in the company shares and information. You will also get the details of the organizational details and the employee details.

Strategic Location

Choosing the best place for the business is the next important step. Once you have finalized with the legal procedures, you can check the options for the office locations. It matters the customers which you are focusing on your business, costs and the size of the offices.

Trusted Local Sponsor

If you are a foreign investor, you have to be a partner within your organization for setting up any business in the UAE. Local sponsor Dubai should at least own 51% of your company. Most importantly, you must know the legal procedures and all the documentations for these services. Only from the Authorized agent in the UAE. Get the details of all the services for business setup in Dubai. In-order to obtain the Mainland DED license, you have to partner with a local sponsor or local service agent. Local Sponsor will be acting as a silent partner in the license which supports business establishment in a smooth manner. Moreover, creates lots of business opportunities to do the business in the UAE local market and internationally.

Processing of Visa’s

Hiring the employees is a requirement for the companies, once the company setup process is completed. So in this case the company will be applying for a labor card and quota request inorder to process the visa application. Once the quota is approved, the company will start hiring the employees and doing it with the visa process.

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