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LLC Company Formation

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A Limited Liability Company or LLC Company Formation in Dubai is by far the most commonly prevalent form of business enterprise in UAE. These types of companies can be easily formed with a minimum of two as well as a maximum of fifty shareholders. The liability of these shareholders is limited to the amount of shares that they have in the business capital. Numerous companies having foreign partners choose to go for Limited Liability Company formation.

The reason for this is that it is the only option for company formation that will provide them maximum legal ownership. Remaining shares i.e. around 49% for local business to the expatriates. Since it is compulsory in UAE to include a local national in the LLC as a partner i.e. 51% shareholding. A prospective investor can choose the specific UAE national who will serve as sponsor to the company. Since LLC is quite flexible, it also offers the scope of differential profit sharing.

Company Formation in LLC Dubai

ATBSS is a leading Company Formation Consultants in Dubai for offering assistance with LLC company formation in Dubai. As an experienced LLC formation consultant operating in UAE, we can offer thoroughly comprehensive services. Moreover, we make sure that your Mainland Company Formation in Dubai is handled in a smooth and effortless manner. Our experts have the right kind of expertise needed to establish an LLC in any part of UAE. In Addition, we offer detailed consultation services to ease the whole process of company incorporation. Based on your business plan, budget and other requirements, we can present you with customized solutions to set up a LLC. Having years of experience providing company formation services to clients in UAE. ATBSS work closely with you and assist you in every possible way to expand your business here. 

Features of LLC Company Formation in Dubai

  • Firstly, we can help you to find a reliable UAE Local Sponsor for your company formation needs. 
  • Secondly, we can assist our clients in setting up office space at some suitable location that also offer great business options. 
  • Our experts can help in opening the bank accounts. 
  • We can guide clients through the whole company incorporation procedure and also secure approvals from authorized bodies. 
  • It helps an entrepreneur in obtaining a UAE resident visa.  
  • We can also offer clients with full spectrum support expertise. 
  • Finally, we can help in bringing local equity. 

Once you choose us for LLC company formation in Dubai, we can provide you with a range of specialized services that can in turn help you to set up your company in the business scene of UAE and benefit from the lucrative economical conditions of Dubai and the other Emirates. Creating an LLC can be one of the best ways for an international business firm to expand his or her enterprise in UAE. With the right kind of LLC company setup Dubai services, it is perfectly possible for a business firm to work on improving its financial strength. Therefore do not hesitate to consult us for your LLC company formation needs.