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The Dubai Mainland Company Formation is an area that is famous for its excellent business-friendly infrastructure. Most importantly, booming economy that offers a great scope of expansion to all entrepreneurs. Therefore, it is no wonder that there is always a lot of demand for efficient and reliable Dubai Mainland Business Setup services. 

Business Setup in Dubai is always a challenging task, but we make it easy and hassle free for the investors. However you are ready to set up the company anywhere in the UAE region. Dubai Mainland is the best option that we suggested for our clients because of its freedom to do the businesses. 

At ATBSS, we offer the smartest Mainland Company Formation in Dubai services that can cover all kinds of business setup requirements. Although the process of company formation for the Dubai Mainland is rather complex. Our experts can perfectly take care of all critical aspects associated with it. And also provide customers with the peace of mind that they seek. We have been operating as a professional consultant for business setup in Dubai Mainland for many years. Moreover, company formation can seem to be rather time-consuming and challenging. We can perfectly take care of the whole process and offer great support to customers.


Dubai Mainland Business Setup
Dubai Mainland is a favourite legal entity in UAE and the best option for starting a company in Dubai. The Department of Economic Development (DED) which provides easy processing of company formation and licensing in UAE. Dubai Mainland is a type of company formation which offers professional, industrial and commercial licenses.

When you are looking for Mainland company Formation in UAE. It is necessary that you learn everything that you can about setting up your company. Certainly, you need to get in touch with a UAE agency or a UAE national. Which he can serve as a registered Local Sponsor in Dubai to represent your business. Therefore, local sponsor will also have to enter an agreement according to which he or she won’t be able to enter directly in profit sharing or company operations. For getting a professional license associated with Mainland Dubai Company Formation. An investor can have complete ownership but he still needs to have a dedicated local service agent to represent the company. This means that while a local service agent does not play any active role in any of the operations.

Benefits of  Mainland Company Setup

  • Ease to do business anywhere in Dubai and across UAE
  • For example, Operate your trading internationally and also in the local market
  • Shared office option at affordable costs for issuing the license
  • Flexible business setup options and ownership structure
  • Easy Bank account opening
  • Eligibility of more number of visas


Steps for Setting Up A Company in Dubai Mainland


  • Firstly, you need to select the business activity
  • Choose your Local Sponsor or Local Service Agent
  • Select the right legal structure for your business
  • Trade Name Reservation
  • Applying for Initial Approval
  • Get external approval if required
  • Preparation of MOA and Court Notarization
  • Rent an Shared Office and get Ejari for the office space
  • Make the payment and get the license


Requirements of Mainland Company Setup

When it comes to mainland company setup in UAE, it is necessary to have a properly verified office address obtained from the Dubai Municipality. The office space requirement for Dubai mainland business setup can vary based on the license type an investor is applying for. For instance, the space requirement for Mainland Company Formation in Dubai may be different than for a public shareholding company. It is also the responsibility of the investor to prepare a valid tenancy office space contract while applying for Dubai mainland company license. There are also some activities associated with Mainland Company Formation that require special approvals from Government departments.

Types of Mainland Licenses

  1. Professional License

    This is the type of Mainland license which includes the professional business activities such as for example consultancy services, professional service and software services.

  2. Commercial License

    Commercial license is the most common licensing service in UAE. This Mainland license allows it to perform all types of commercial business activities such as trading, tourism activity and contracting services.

  3. Industrial License

    Consider the activities such as export and import of products and large warehouses with manufacturing units. This type of LLC is approved by DED and requires external approvals to issue the license.

  4. LLC Company Formation

    An LLC Company in UAE can be formed by minimum of 2 and maximum of 50 shareholders. In LLC Company, UAE National will be acting as a Local Sponsor with 51% of shares and the remaining shares 49% will be owned by the expats.

  5. Civil Company Formation

    Civil Company formation is a LLC Legal type which offers 100% foreign ownership for the expats to own the business in the UAE. Investors who have provided professional services such as doctors, engineers and accountants. In this type, UAE National will be act as local service agent in order to get the full ownership for the expats

ATBSS is one of the Mainland Company Formation Specialists in UAE. In short, we offer complete business solutions including local sponsor in Dubai and shared office options in the heart of the City. Feel free to call us +971 42434557 or email your inquiry at info@atbss.org. Contact us to start your Mainland company today.