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Newly Announced Rules for UAE Visa

Here is a good news for investors who are wish to come in to the United Arab Emirates before Dubai Expo 2020. Nowadays it is a huge opportunities for the all the business people, residents or tourists to get the UAE Visa is easy. If anyone is looking for Business Setup in Dubai, it’s a good time for them to avail this opportunity to go ahead with the business ideas.

Newly Announced Rules for UAE Visa

Major Rules Taken by UAE Cabinet

  1. The UAE Cabinet is decided to announced the major changes for the UAE visa that Its not a mandatory for the bank guarantee. And also they announced and updated the cost of the medical insurance services.
  2. UAE government is adopted new visa procedures for visitors, family, residents and also for the overstayed people.
  3. Transit passengers has given an exemption from entry fees for the 48 hours of time.  They can extend up to 96 hours for a fees of 50 dirhams.
  4. Overstayed people can leave the country without “no entry” stamp on their passport.
  5. Now in UAE, 6 months visa is introduced for the who overstayed and wish to work in the country.
  6. New law for UAE visa grants the permission to leave the country if someone entered the UAE illegal by using a valid return  ticket.
  7. People in the UAE able to adjust or renew the visa without leaving the country and re enter the country.
  8. Another thing is that the UAE Cabinet gives the people to give equal access to the job market.

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