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Opening a Branch Company in Dubai

Foreign companies can choose to Opening a Branch Company in Dubai, UAE or systematically appoint a representative Branch Office in Dubai for their needs.

While choosing branch office in Dubai, they can carry out all related activities that they are licensed legally to perform overseas. If a representative is being stationed in UAE, a business can only choose to promote its services or products, but not perform its various main business functions or carry out direct trading of goods.

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Opening a Branch Company

Here are some things that you should remember while Open a Branch Company in UAE.

  • A parent company should be registered with the register of foreign services under Ministry of Economy & Planning (MEP).
  • A parent company needs to fill up an application for a license that can help in Opening a Branch Company in Dubai, UAE with the Ministry of Economy & Planning before obtaining the license from concerned authority in that particular Emirate.
  • A service agent is not obligated to manage any financial obligations or tasks on the behalf of parent company. The agent should also not interfere with regular functioning of the company. The agent is obliged only to manage or handle all statutory activities like obtaining licenses, permits and processing the transactions with the various government agencies.
  • The service agent chosen by parent company needs to be UAE national.
  • The representative or branch office must deposit a sum of AED 50,000 to the above ministry for obtaining a license.
  • A license has to be renewed within 2 years from date of expiry. Unless this is done so, the license stands as cancelled. Renewal fees for the license are deducted from above guarantee.

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