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How To Setup a Private Shareholding Company

Want to setup a business in  Dubai or in any of the emirates in UAE ? Don’t worry there are lots of big opportunities in the UAE. When you are looking to start a private shareholding company formation in Dubai , there should be a minimum of three members. Mainly the private shareholding company cannot invite all the people from the public for the shares. In order to forming a private shareholding company, the minimum capital required is having AED 2 Million. The shares of the company and the directors of the private shareholding company must be an UAE national.

Most of the companies such as banking and financial sectors are in to the public shareholding company. As we are in to the business setup for long years and we are established lot of companies in Mainland as well as Free Zone. Mainland LLC Company is the most prominent and secured jurisdiction for business setup in Dubai or anywhere in the United Arab Emirates. For setting up a big projects or business in Dubai are mainly in to shareholding companies.

Private Shareholding Company Formation in Dubai

Private Shareholding Company Formation is an incorporation type of Mainland which will be perform the trading anywhere in the UAE. We at ATBSS are here to help you to setting up a private shareholding company in UAE. Contact us now for expert solutions for company formation in UAE. Call us on our landline for getting a free consultation for your requirements. +971 42 43 4557

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