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Why start a Business in Dubai?

Why Start a Business in Dubai? Over the past few years, Business Setup in Dubai have been a tremendous growth. Dubai is booming now for the businesses and welcomes investors because of the unbeatable world class infrastructure and stable economy.

Dubai is having super easy access to each emirates and worldwide connectivity. It provides ease for the global trading hub and also for the local trading services. Through the continuous growth of an economy, Dubai has created amazing opportunities for business investors. It makes happy for entrepreneurs as well as existing businesses startups.

Why Start a Business in Dubai

Dubai has now become a Booming & Economically city in the heart of the United Arab Emirates. Through the continuous growth of an economy, Dubai has created amazing opportunities for business investors and entrepreneurs for new startups as well as existing businesses.

Strategic Location
High Class Infrastructure
Business Hub
Secure & High Living Standards

Reasons You Should Start a Business in Dubai

High-Class Infrastructure

Dubai is a well established business hub which explores the businesses from all over the globe. Due to the High facilities, Largest port connectivity, super standard transportation networks and World Class Infrastructure, Dubai is standing at the top always. 

Booming & Stable Economy

Why Start a Business in Dubai ? setting up your business in Dubai, the growing economy represents the future of businesses. The stable and continuous growth of the economy which creates more opportunities for the investors. Dubai is the Most popular known cosmopolitan city in the Middle East.

Paradise of Investors

As a Foreigner, Dubai is one of the most attractive destinations for business startups with low investment. Like we say it’s a “Paradise of Investors” having secure investment, high standards of lifestyle and most modern facilities. Most importantly, strict government regulations and laws which results in lowest crime rates. 

Global Trading Opportunities

Dubai is an ideal destination for worldwide international business. The most attractive business hub in the World for the investors. Also for both global trading opportunities and for the local markets. Due to the worldwide access through biggest seaports and airlines networks with high class infrastructure. Freezone is providing import-export trading opportunities with benefits.

Opportunities & Investments in UAE

Moreover, massive opportunities created by the UAE government which supports new startup’s as well as the business market with a great attraction. According to UAE, 2020 – 2021 is a promising year for business. Dubai is a place where you can keep the money safe. In addition, with a high sense of security with a total investment asset.

How to Start a Business in Dubai

Planning to start a Business in Dubai? The steady growth of the economy and the emergence of an economic hub in the UAE. It’s the best option for the investors across the globe. ATBSS Business Setup will guide you to set up your business in Dubai. The legal formalities and license processing which cater your business needs.

With all aspects of starting the business, Dubai is providing an investor friendly approach. Because of the stable political laws and well established legal structure and rules. The government supports investors, small business owners and corporate SMEs. So that it motivates them to invest in the stable growth of markets.

According to the statistics of IMF, UAE is the Leading country in the Middle East. It has made stable economic growth with endless investment opportunities. The well established legal system, strict rules and regulations for business setup which makes Dubai a strategic location. Because of this, choosing as a prime business destination for the people.

Therefore, Setting up a Business in Dubai is involving certain steps to follow based on the type of business legal structure. It won’t be a time consuming process for setups which is made easy by ATBSS Consultant. Once all the licensing application and company registration procedure is done, we can complete the formalities hardly within a week. We are a reliable source of provider for complete company registration processing and hassle free solutions for the clients to fulfill their requirements.

Steps for Setting up your Business in Dubai

Trade Name Reservation

However, Selecting an appropriate trade name is the most important step for your company. Atleast the customer has to select 3 trade names as that trade name is registered and approved by the DED Department for the trade license. In order to get the approval, the Trade name should reflect the nature and activity of the business.

Preparing Memorandum of Association
After that, Depending on the legal structure, you need to draft the Memorandum of Association and sign an agreement with the local partner for the company.

Find UAE Sponsor

Above all, Start a Business requires to find a local sponsor which is a mandatory requirement for mainland company setup. The Local Sponsor or Local Service Agent must be a UAE National partner to represent the business. Each year investors have to pay the Annual sponsorship fees for the UAE National. You can make a side agreement with the sponsor which defines the sleeping partner for the company and not involving any shares or profits.

Get Office Space
You need to rent out an office space for setting up a company in Mainland. We will provide you with a shared office with valid physical address and ejari which meets your requirements.

Submission of Application & License Fees
Once submitted the license application and completed the signatures for the company registration, license voucher will be generated from the DED. Just you need to submit all the documents and pay the license fees for issuing the license.

Collection of Trade License
Once all the steps have been done, the authority will acknowledge regarding the trade license of the company. After that our professional team will guide you to collect the trade license at the earliest.

Just send us your questions and we will give you the help you need.